Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Christmas!

When Charlie is not randomly wishing people a Happy Birthday, he is warmly sharing his "Happy Christmas" greetings.  

And so we are with you, all of our friends, 
a Very Happy Christmas to you!

There is no one so vulnerable or so joyous in all the world than a new mother, a baby freshly birthed.  We wish you warm, happy celebrations with family and friends as we remember the birth of our savior, come from heaven into the world.  He loves us so much!

And.. we love you, friends.  Thank you for being there for us this year.  Thank you for being our net, our landing place, our joy.  Thank you for being Jesus for us.  The body of Christ helps me to know we are safe.  We are housed, clothed, fed, and loved.  We are challenged and encouraged.  We can bare all things in Christ, and that includes you.  Thank you.  Much, much love to you this Holiday.  And, again, Happy Christmas!

Kim, Ray, Charlie, Calvin, and Miles

1 comment:

Haleyfam said...

What a great pic! You all look great and so happy to be together.

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