Monday, February 25, 2013

Calvin's latest Isms

Are we over due for a few of these?  Yes.  Yes, I think we are!

A while back Calvin let me know that when he is a grown up he is going to be a Carpenter on Mondays, a Librarian on Fridays, a Monster Truck Driver on Wednesdays, and in the evenings he will be an Artist.


In almost every developmental area Calvin is well past Charlie, but Charlie continues to be bigger and a lot stronger.  And, while in many ways Calvin is the ring-leader of the brothers, he continues to admire his big brother for his strength.  So the other day driving to pick Charlie up from school Calvin shares from the back seat:
             "Mom... God blessed me with Charlie to help me with heavy things."


Calvin:  Mom, what are you doing?

Mom:  Putting on some make-up.

Calvin:  Why?

Mom:  Because we are going into public, and I want to look nice.

Calvin:  Oh, does that mean I need to put on my nice sweat pants?


Calvin wanders out of his room after bedtime with the following excuse to be up:

Calvin:  "Daddy, my throat is clogged up.  I need a bagel."

Daddy:  "Hm.  I will get you some water, but I have a feeling your throat is just fine."

Calvin:  "Well..." (he always says "well" and then pauses for a long time when we frustrate his plan and he needs to reformulate his tactic) "My throat just gets all clogged up sometimes, Dad."

Daddy:  "I will get you some water, then back to bed." 


Calvin has a couple cavities and we went to get the first one filled.  He is very interested in the dental process (and his dental routine for that matter!), so in the days leading up to his filling we talked about what would happen, in full detail, using proper dental termonology (so far as I am knowledgable).  So when we are finally at the dentist you can understand why the following conversation took place:

Dentist: So first we have to put those mean sugar bugs to sleep.  We use this sleepy juice in my special sleepy juice dispenser to put them to sleep so they can't pinch you when I clean them out.

Calvin:  You mean, make it numb?

The talk continues...

Dentist:  Then, I use "mister whistle" and "mister bumpy" to get those sugar bugs out of your tooth.

Calvin:  You mean clean out the cavity?

You get the picture.  :)


Calvin:  "Mom, when I grow up I think I am NOT going at own my own business."

Mommy:  "Okay, Buddy.  Can I ask why?"

Calvin:  "Because I want to stay at home with my kids and play with them every day."

So, make that carpenter, librarian, monster truck driver, artist, AND stay-at-home-dad.


And since he can talk now, a few little gems from Miles from these past months:

How does the 2 year old ask for more cheese?  "More cheese coming now!"   (Hey... it was a creative first attempt.)

What does the two year old have to say about his birthday?  "My birthday coming out my tummy!"  (We have no idea how he came up with that, but he tells us all. the time.)

What do you say to the two year old who can never quite make it happen on the potty, when he pees on the bathroom rug?  "Yay, Buddy!  You peed *near* the potty!  Great job!"

What does the two year old say to himself when he needs to pump himself up to get out of a bad mood?  "Me need hug someone.  Me need hug someone.  Me need hug someone."

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