Monday, April 29, 2013


So we have a t-baller in the house!

Looks like his Uncle Russ in the shot, sly smirk and everything!

Decided to sign Calvin up with the Boys and Girls club for a fun community sport this year.  He is having a blast.  A very special something for him to do.

Here he is stopping a ground ball.  He's the one who obviously dove on top of it, sneakers in the air.

Now, this is my first t-ball experience, and let me tell you something I found out about t-ball:  It is a cheeks-hurt-from-smiling, go-home-feeling-great kind of event.  See?...

T-ball is non-competitive.  Every child bats each time.  The fielders are loosely positioned.  The goal is for each child to have a great time hitting, running the bases, and stopping and throwing the ball. 

In his new glasses!  A post for another day.  :)
There is only one hard, fast rule: Don't throw the bat.  Other than that it is kids whacking the ball and then standing there stunned before they remember to run... somewhere... over here?...  this way?...  Oh!  First base!  It is outfielders dog piling a ground ball like candy out of a pinata.  It is chasing frogs through the grass in left field.  And it is practicing ballet on second base.  It is perfect.

Calvin says his favorite part of the game is batting...

He also loves to run the bases.  He was so cute, standing on the base, spacing out between hits.  Suddenly the next player would hit, and Calvin would snap back to reality, running his legs in place before he took off down the base line.  Road Runner Style!  Meep meep!

Now, Calvin is on the smaller side for his team.  He's certainly not the most coordinated or in-tune with sports.  (And as we discovered, not the most practiced in standing "in-line"--he's all, what's a line?  Why do I stand in it?).  But he is thrilled with his ability.  He is happy to have a special thing to do.  He is drinking this t-ball thing up.  And I love that about him.

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