Sunday, June 9, 2013

He Stopped the Game

T-ball.  It's said and done now.  Moving on to Summer activities.  Maybe some swimming lessons if we can swing it.

Here's a t-ball moment for you, before we close this little chapter: 

In t-ball the kids just kind of spread out in the outfield.  They don't have specific positions, that would be pointless because nobody stays in one spot unless they are totally daydreaming, except for "pitcher".  The kids rotate being pitcher through the inning because their attention span is only 3 minutes long and if they stay at the mound longer than that they'll get beaned in the head with the ball when they're not looking.  The pitcher's job is to relay the ball to the coach at home plate, and also to throw a pretend pitch.

So imagine Calvin at the pitchers mound in his last game.  Everybody is ready.  The ball is on the T, and now it's Calvin's job to "throw" a pitch.  The coach calls, "Pitcher, are you ready?"  To which Calvin yells back, "No!"  Then he throws down his mit, takes off his hat, and starts to struggle with his jacket to get the hood on.  The parents are all dying.  This kid.  Finally, the hood is up, hat back on, glove back on, game face on.  "Okay, ready now!"  And in goes the pitch.

 I love this kid.   He is full to brim of all he is meant to be. 

Seriously.  I have to remove the hat at the end of the game to make sure it's my kid who's under there.

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Cindy said...

Hilarious! What a character!

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