Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm 34 years old exactly.

Well, I'm not, but wouldn't it be funny if we never grew out of that need to express to others exactly how old we are? For my kids, it is an expression of who they are almost as much as their name.

"I'm Calvin.  I'm five years old, and I am almost in Kindergarten.  Charlie is 7 and a half, and he is in first grade.  My little brother is Miles.  He's not in school yet, but he is 2.  I think he will be three next."

Well, I'm not 34-years-old-exactly, but this guy is:

Wait, is that a box of children's toys in the "Man-Cave"?  What a Guy!

Happy Birthday, Raymond!  

34 years looks great on you!  
Your character, and your extensive and diverse talents make it obvious you have not wasted any of those 34 years on anything but being your best.  
We hope your next year brings you into the fullness of the passion and ability you have built up inside of you.  
We are all incredibly proud of you.

The kids decided to write Ray some Facebook birthday wishes today.  This is what each of them "wrote":


Dear Dad,  I love you, I love you, I love you!  Love, Char-lie!


Happy Birthday, Daddy!  Dear Calvin, and Miles, and Charlie.  We love you so much.  I love that race that we went to.  And I liked the tour cars the most.  And, I liked going to redwood acres.  So, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday on facebook.  Love, Calvin.. and Charlie and Miles, too.

And, Miles:

Dear Dad, Happy Birfday, Dad!   All done!   I want to ask him...   Hey!  There's a picture of me!...   I took a drink.  I'm done, Dad.

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