Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Summer Vacation

And just like that, summer has come and gone.
Wow.  How did that happen?!

Oh, I know how.  Three wildly energetic boys soaking up life in the sunniest summer we've ever experienced.  Hardly a minute or a second to blog about it.  Well, there may have been some minutes, but I'm pretty sure I spent them laying on the deck in the hot, welcome sun.

Summer was good this year.  Typically summer break is a time where we sort of feel our limitations more acutely than at other times.  The reality of our oldest sibling having a developmental level about half his age, combine with the young age of all three of the kids, has meant turning down invitations to do things, or else failing miserably if I tried. 

This year the gang just seemed to reach a stage where things started to be possible for us.  Miles is more boy than baby.  Our big brother Charlie is getting some real maturity and self control to him, which means words like "park" and "river day" and "grocery store" do not automatically raise my blood pressure anymore.   And maybe I am getting better at the mom-thing, too (I may have sprouted another arm or eyeball somewhere?).

This summer, we actually did summer time things.  It was a lot of work.  It wore me out, really, but it felt like, I don't know...  It felt normal.  And the kids had a great time.

We went to my home town of Truckee, and we visited Uncle Russ and Auntie Renee in Reno.

Nana and her boys at my childhood hang-out.  

We spent some weekends at Autie Kassi and Uncle Ryan's ranch.

Harvey's race car getting repaired in the barn.  Always a highlight of going to the ranch.
Calvin telling Uncle Ryan everything there is to know about life.
Quad rides!  "We saw baby horses!" he says.

We didn't actually go to the river, but we did go to the beach!  And it was sunny!

We went to the races.

We spent a lot of time running through sprinklers, and doing "cannon balls" into a rubbermaid bin of water.

We had a HUGE garden, and daily snacked on snap peas and raspberries right off the vines (and whatever else was ready for pickin').

We hung out with our dog.

We also read a ton of books, let all necessary projects fall by the wayside, got a little tan (unheard of on this foggy coast!), went to the park a bunch, and thoroughly neglected a blog.

It was exhausting, I tell you!  But it was also very good.  So good that I don't think I'm afraid of summer anymore, or being alone with my boys on who-knows-what adventure.  Maybe even warming up to road trips.  (I know, right?)

And now, school is in session.  Charlie in 1st grade and Calvin in Kindergarten, and little Miles is doing a preschool program just a couple hours a day--a perfectly delightful playtime for a vivacious little boy loving the idea of being "big".  Me and Buster hang out in a quiet house for a couple hours every morning, ticking things off a to-do list that grew much too long, and giving our senses a rest from a baffling level of activity.

I love those boys.  I love their energy.  I love everything that they are about.

And that is it!  My Summer Vacation.

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