Thursday, September 12, 2013

What makes me happy on my birthday? This Does.

Last week we were headed up to Auntie Kassi's ranch where we sometimes go swimming in the creek.  The boys wanted to know if we could go swimming that day, and we told them no, the creek was too shallow now.  Miles was trying to figure out what "shallow" meant, so Calvin explained, "Miles, 'shallow' just means there is not as much water.  Kind of like.... shorter than a mountain, but higher than a rat or a mouse."

Well, that solves it!

New coat rack the boys helped make.

On our vacation to Truckee, we were gathered around with some close family friends, and Cathy, our friend, was teaching Calvin how to count to ten in French.  Calvin was repeating after Cathy, "un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six," when Charlie burst into the group to add, "Fee Fi Fo Fum!"

Sounded like that to me, too, Charlie. :)

Ranch dogs make good friends.

Calvin, Miles, and I were reading a book about the human body.  We were in the section about digestion, just finishing up what happens in the small intestines.

Mom: Once the food is finished traveling through the small intestines, then it enters... where?

Calvin:  It goes into the large intestine...  And that's where the magic happens!

Mom: What do you mean?

Calvin:  The leftover food is transformed into poop!

Voila!  Magic!

He's trying to close his eyes.  He looks like this when he prays, too.

A few from Miles:

1. He calls himself "Big Guy."

2.  He starts most sentences with the word "even", as in "Even I like to play trucks," or "Even we went to the store."

3.  When called upon to give a reason for something, he often uses one of these go-to answers:  "because I'm Big Guy," or "because I like green."

"Miles, go to bed."  "Why?"  "Because I'm Big Mom!"

He's pretending he's a short little corn stalk to show off our big tall corn.

The other day we were playing in the yard.  Charlie was taking a turn kicking a ball and was saying, "Watch me now!  Watch me now!"  In Charlie's imperfect annunciation it sounded more like, "Watch knee how!"  Anyway, Calvin looks at me very earnestly (as only he can) and says, "Mom, what Charlie is saying is 'Watch me now', even though it sounds like he is saying 'Ni Hao'.  What he really is trying to tell you, mom, is he wants you to watch him, even though it might sound like he is saying 'Hello' in Chinese."

Ohhhh.... I was so confused.

And last but not least, a conversation between our left brained realist, and our right brained dreamer:

Calvin: Charlie, will you play with me?

Charlie: No.  I'm going to the moon.

Calvin: You can't go to the moon, Charlie.  You don't have enough money to buy a rocket ship.

Charlie: I have coins.

Calvin: How many?

Charlie: One.

Calvin: You can't buy a rocket ship with one coin. You need at least 200 coins to buy a rocket ship, Charlie.

Charlie: But it's reeaaalllllly big! (Demonstrates size of large coin with his arms.) Bye, Calvin! (Blasts off.)

Calvin: Mom, Charlie can't play with me 'cause he went to the moon.


BrendaLou said...

Kim and Ray,
I am blessed by your children. simple as that. I have tears in my eyes thinking how very special each on is. Thank you so very much for sharing them with us on your blog.

DandG said...

That is so sweet! That is exactly the kind of conversations my little boys have All.The.Time.

Cindy said...

Your boys are hilarious! I really did lol!! The picture of him closing his eyes... I thought he was showing us how to poop. :)

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