Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good Old Fashion Calvinisms

It's been months since I have posted the funny little things the kids say, and I have quite a collection to put up.  I thought I'd start with the boy who started it all, and keeps it going strong.  My Calvin.

I love this kid.  He has a light in those big brown eyes.

Recently, Calvin learned to ride a "big boy bike."  If you ask him about it he will tell you, "I learned to ride a two wheeler bike in 10 minutes!"  And it is truth, he did.  Balance bikes work, folks.  Well, they did for this kid.

So Calvin and I are having a discussion about Day of the Dead, and why family members who have died are still important to those who are living because of the legacy they leave us. And he asks, "Did Great Grandpa Chalmers ever go to jail?" "No, he never did," I answer. "Oh. Well, maybe I will not go to jail, too," he decides. "Um, ya, Buddie, great. I mean, you know, that's an important goal to have for yourself."

Yesterday I found myself explaining to Calvin, "Well, Captain Hook's disability is not the reason he's a bad guy. He's just a pirate who happens to have a prosthetic hand."

We have this children's book about the human body, which also happens to have a section on reproduction.  Calvin and I were reading the section on how only one sperm is able to fertilize the egg, and that is how we all receive the genetic material that will become a new person.  Based on his knowledge that sperm and egg contain half the chromosomes needed to begin a human life, and that Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome, Calvin reasoned, "So, if two sperm accidentally get to the egg at the exact same time, then that baby will have Down syndrome." 

On Halloween, I let Calvin be a ninja with the caveat that we would do research on ninja's together to learn about them.  This included learning how to write "Ninja" in Japanese characters.  We learned the first symbol was a combination of the symbols for "heart" and "sword", and the second symbol was the symbol for "person".  We used paint to then write the symbols on the front of his costume.  At the end of his school day, I asked Calvin if he shared what the symbols meant with any of his friends.  His response, "No way!  If I told that, I would reveal my secret identity!" 

Calvin:  "Mom?  What is the meaning of "Love, Calvin" if I want to write a letter to Annie, or, I mean, any-person-in-the-world?"

Getting ready to depart school, Calvin asked me if I could carry his back-pack.  I was carrying Miles and Charlie's pack, which had broken open.  I said, "Look buddy, I wish I could, but I'm carrying a toddler and a broken back-pack.  I'm just not Super Woman."  He understood... too well.  Later, we were all in a public restroom.  Again, Calvin wanted me to carry something for him, but I was trying to help Charlie and keep Miles from touching everything in the stall, so again I said, "Buddy sorry..."  Exasperated, Calvin (loudly) finished, "Mom!  I know!  Your not Super Woman!"  We just hid in the stall for a while after that one.

We were talking about New Year Resolutions, last night. I shared with the family one of my resolutions, and asked Calvin if he had any. He thought for a brief moment, then said, "I know, mom, how about loose the weight AND cut the fat." Turns out he was up early and helped himself to an infomercial. Doh.

We recently dedicated Miles in church (more on that later).  As we were being introduced by the pastors, one of the pastors asked Calvin his name.  He told her, and she asked, "Is that like Calvin and Hobbes?"  Perplexed, he responded, no, it's like Calvin David Robinson."

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