Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to my sweet Calvin.

(Late again.  Calvin's birthday is in March.  It's just the way of things right now.)

Dear Calvin,

I can't believe you are six years old!  I still want to hold you in my lap and cradle your head.  I think I want that more than I even have, but you are big, your legs and arms sprawling, and I am a small mama.  I hold you in my gaze now, as you go out into your world.  Calvin, I am so proud to be you mom.

Every thing about six-year-old-you is just right.  Your big brown eyes dance across your environment.  Your mind is busy.  It never rests.  Not for a moment.  You want us to feed you information.  You want to know facts about your world.  You want to get your hands on materials and build.  You want to direct your brothers in games.  Even as we tuck you in bed at night, you are still asking for more information.  We have a 2 question rule once lights are out.  When you finally slip into your dreams, your dad and I smile at each other about you and all your wondering.

Calvin, you are a challenge.  You make me better, sharper.  You and I are perfectly matched and mismatched at the same time, I'd say.  Your mind races like mine and you are caught up in daydreams, but we think about very different things.  You are mechanical, I am feeling, and really buddy, I think it's just right.  How would I have ever known the difference between a loader, backhoe, and bulldozer without you?  How would I have ever learned the truth about chameleons?  Really, buddy.  Your world is as fascinating for me as it is for you.

You are six now, and your world is as wide open as ever.  You have learned to ride a bike!  You have learned to read!  You have learned the classifications of animals, and the patterns of life and death.  You are set for adventure and a new year of going deeper in your love of discovery.  I am excited to be your guide.

Classic Calvin.  A million beautiful thoughts behind those big brown eyes.
Calvin... I love you so much.  I know I say it "a million times a day", but I can't help it.  When I see you--and the energy of you--I am blessed.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.


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