Sunday, November 16, 2014

Big Guy

At this time, on November 16, four years ago, we were snuggling in a hospital bed with this little guy.

It was a hard delivery, and a difficult start, and with an ambulance on the way to take him to an NICU, the doctor let us try to hold him, and nurse him, to see if he could calm a little, breath deeply, settle in--and that he did.  The best place for him was tucked in right beside us--a beginning that has been a theme for this little life.  This coziest of our boys.

How blessed we are for four years to be raising this sweet, sensitive, funny guy who nick named himself "Big Guy".

Daily Miles has us in stitches with his antics, his adorable world view that he freely and emphatically shares with us and his brothers.  We heartily recommend always having a preschooler with you on life's roads.  It is the best.

As Charlie said in his birthday message to you, Miles,

"We do love you so much.  And Happy Birfday."

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