Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Month for Feeling Thankful

I'm thankful for a cool, wet, foggy fall season.

We've needed this rain.

I've needed an excuse to draw my kids close to me, and play games on the rug.

I am so thankful for the early dark, for coming inside sooner, for making dinner together.

Rainy afternoons have brought us a couple impromptu movie dates on my bed, and I am so thankful to snuggle with these boys--even if it's only because our playtime was rained out.

I am thankful for the season Ray and I find ourselves in--a deepening of our relationship.  Drawing closer.  Enjoying and admiring each other even more.  Laughing so much.  It is such a relief to laugh, to find this person is still such a dear friend.  I'm thankful to enjoy the faithfulness and steadfastness of another, and to give that in return.

I am thankful to have become a new auntie for the second time in a year--my niece, Nora, born just a few days ago.  Her parents are special people.  She has no idea how blessed she is, sweet darling.  I'm thankful for their family and the chance they are having right now to take it easy and enjoy these moments, soon to be just memories, of becoming a parent for the first time.

We had Charlie's IEP last week--his triennial review.  On paper, he is very, very delayed.  In some categories, he did not score greater than the first percentile.  But I am so very proud of him, you guys.
The tests and measures and scales and labels are necessary to evaluate progress and approve funding.  But that's it.  Beyond that they should not--and I hope they do not--have any other value.  Certainly they do not describe the worth of this child, or what his quality of life is, or if he is valuable enough, or tolerable, or what have you.  Nothing can accurately measure just how proud Ray, Calvin, Miles, and I are of our Charlie.  He is gracious.  He is kind.  He is compassionate and empathetic.  He is a jokester.  He is a helper.  He is physically strong, and not afraid of hard work.  He is a loyal brother, friend, and defender.  We are so thankful for him.

I am thankful for Calvin.  He is a wonder to me.  Dynamic, brilliant, outgoing, and a kind of confidence that cannot be taught.  It's just there.  At the same time, Calvin is understanding and compassionate.  There is no lesson from having a brother with a disability that has been lost on Calvin.  He is one of Charlie's greatest teachers and mentors, and likewise, Charlie is forever shaping Calvin into who he is becoming.  I am so thankful for this confident, willing, curious middle child of mine.

Someone is turning 4 soon.  If I had had a chance to preview the work of having three children, we may have never met our dear little Miles.  Miles and miles before I sleep...  It's been a rough couple years with this guy.  He has had some minor health issues that, man, have been hard to iron out.  He does not have that confidence his brother Calvin has--he is a much more sensitive, intuitive soul.  If we intuitive people had much confidence in anything, then we wouldn't be who we are.  But I tell you what--he is a lovely person even in the midst of his struggles.  We enjoy this fella so much.  He is darling.  We want him to be small forever, yet marvel at the opportunity to watch him in his becoming.

I'm thankful for our house.  This little place we have been graciously provided to live.  When I was growing up, I could look out the back of our house and see mountains for miles.  For some reason being able to do that--to stand quietly and observe a view--is very important for me.  And here in this little place I have a pasture to look out across.  Or if I stand just right on the back the porch, I can see the hills to the east.  There is gardening space.  There is privacy.  It has been a really special house to live in.  I am so thankful to have been afforded this chance.

There is a lot I feel thankful for.  More than I will list.  The season change has brought a lot of peace for me that I didn't expect with the loss of daylight hours.  Maybe my vitamin D level is finally recovering.  I am looking forward to the holidays--to gathering with all of my most precious, dear people--with so much anticipation.  I am find myself actually wanting to decorate.  Wanting to gift give.  Wanting to eat and visit and send cards in the mail.  I think there is a great deal of health coming back to this house--but that is another story completely.  Nevertheless, we have a lot we are thankful for this month.

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