Living Simply

We have an interest in Living Simply.  For us this does not mean baking our own bread or being very crafty at all, although I would love to do and be those things.  No, with three young boys, I am lucky to get the laundry folded and into a drawer before it makes it onto a body once again.  To us Living Simply means doing small things to keep ourselves from getting wrapped up in 'stuff'.  So, we do little things like garden with our boys.  We use cloth diapers as much as we can.  We enjoy simple outings around town and Humboldt County.  We play music together as a family.  We give up convenience appliances where we don't really need them (and keep others!).  We buy used stuff instead of new whenever possible.

Here I have shared some web sites and blogs that inspire me in our endeavor to keep things simple around here.

In the Garden
Auntie Laurie's Gardening Blog

Friends with Beautifully Simple Ways
Clement Family Blog 
Rickstrew Ranch
Beautiful Rachel 
Lisa and Family

Products that keep to the basics, tastefully.
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

This page is a  work in progress.  If you can recommend further inspiration for simple living, please contact me.
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